19th May 2016
To, All Members, 
Dear Friends, 
It was reported by some of our members that there are piles of garbage lying at the Taj Mahal and this is giving very bad impression to the tourists.
The matter has been taken up immediately with Secretary Culture. Also a copy of letter  has been sent to Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of State for Tourism & Culture and all the concerned officials.
A copy of the letter is attached. 
This is for your information please.
With regards, 
Pronab Sarkar

19 May 2016
Shri Narendra Kumar Sinha
Secretary Culture
Ministry of Art & Culture
Govt. of India
502-C, Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi 
Dear Sir, 
Sub: Garbage at Taj Mahal
We were very happy on the launching of Swachh Paryatan Mobile App which was launched by Hon’ble Minister for Tourism and Culture,  Dr. Mahesh Sharma on 22nd February 2016 in New Delhi. This was introduced to identify areas in and around 25 selected monuments and deploying Nodal Officers to look into complaints for immediate action. 
Some of our members have reported us that foreign tourists visiting Taj Mahal are uploading their photographs with background of garbage around Taj Mahal on their facebook. Funny comments are being exchanged on the facebook by their friends on our World Heritage Monument. This is giving negative publicity to our country. 
Today’s daily national newspaper Amar Ujala, Agra Editon has published this news with real picture of site approving the existence of piles of garbage at Taj Mahal. Attached photographs and newspaper clipping are enclosed for  your ready reference.  
You are requested to kindly take an immediate action for clearing the garbage to help us depicting a positive image of our country.
While on this subject, I may also like to add here that  two (2) of the minarets are covered with scaffolding to clean the minarets and it was given to understand these scaffolding are there for last 6 months. We understand that the main dome of Taj Mahal shall also be covered very soon for cleaning.  
Due to this reason,  tourist are not able to take good photographs of their sojourn to Taj Mahal. They also go back with unhappy memories of their visit to Taj Mahal.   
It is requested that the minarets be cleaned without any delay and scaffoldings are removed at the earliest possible. Also the main dome to be cleaned with time bound schedule so that tourists are not deprived of taking the clear picture of Taj Mahal. 
With regards, 
Pronab Sarkar
Cc:    Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Tourism and Culture (IC), Govt. of India 
Mr. Vinod Zutshi, Secretary (Tourism), Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India
Shri Shharat Sharma, Additional Director General, Archaeological Survey of India, New Delhi
Mr. Navneet Soni, OSD, to Minister of State for Tourism and Culture
Mr. Suman Billa, Joint Secretary (Tourism), Govt. of India