24th May 2016
To All Members, 
Dear Friends,
Sub: Regarding IATO Circulars 
We very often receive complaints from the members that they do not receive circular sent from IATO office. On many occasion, members call the IATO office and ask the secretariat staff to resent the old circulars especially which are of very important nature and needs to be referred regularly.
In this regard, we would like to advise the members that our IATO office is totally equipped to handle any queries or any other works related with the industry. But for the information and benefit of our members, we would like to update the members with the following:-
1. We have given very clear instructions to the IATO staff that all e-mails received from any member with regard to any clarifications or suggestions must be acknowledged within 24 hours. However Sundays and Holidays are not included in the above.
2. May we request all members to please go through all the circulars and do not delete without going through the details and save it in your system if you feel is important and is needed for future reference.
3. All important circulars e.g. service tax, guide fee or any government policy issues etc. which need to be referred by your staff oftenly, must be preserved and saved in your system.    
4. Do note that all such circular with regard to any government policy matters are also uploaded on the IATO website and could be down loaded from the following link  any time. http://iato.in/IATOCircular.aspx
5. However circular which are of urgent nature and are of time limit, are not uploaded on the website.
6. IATO office had sent the annual subscription bill in the month of April this year and in the covering note, it was mentioned to update your latest email id and name of the contact person(s) representing in IATO. In case if you are not receiving IATO mails, you may kindly send us your latest email id immediately enable incorporate the same in our records.
In case if you have any clarification or any suggestion where you feel the communication system could be improved, please do let us know by sending email to our email id iato@airtelmail.in or operations@iato.in
However, please note that all suggestions and clarification would be answered on email sent to IATO office only.
Thanking you
With best wishes,
Pronab Sarkar                                                                                   Lally Mathews
President                                                                                            Hony. Secretary