DEL/285/2016                       6th  July, 2016
Dear Colleagues,
Greeting from IATO!
Sub: INSTAGUIDE APP – Powerpoint Presentation
Since the new committee took over in May 2016, Executive Committee & Guide Committee in IATO were seized with guide issues. To take the issue on a Mission Mode to resolve the shortage of working guides, it was felt that we need to address the challenges which members are facing in Mumbai, Chennai (rather in West & Southern Region) from guides. 
This was discussed with M/s INSTAGUIDE who had offered online process for guide assignments with special App drawn up for this purpose. This is also an initiative of IATO to move towards E-regime for services to clients in tune with technological usage in business operations. 
After series of meetings with M/s INSTAGUIDE based on inputs from members, APP has been made. A power point presentation with the brief of the this app and how it will be useful for the members is enumerated in the presentation. 
The power point presentation is uploaded on the following link
This quantifies why this is needed, how this helps to bring efficiency and meet the challenges we face, guide assignments and specially on payment settlement in time. 
Purpose of this circular is to get your inputs (based on your practical operational expertise) so that in our meeting tomorrow, we can give our concrete suggestions and make this a reality. 
Kindly go through the above link and send your concrete suggestions by forenoon tomorrow so that we can discuss it during the active members meet at 4 pm tomorrow.  
Thanks & regards
Lally Mathews
Hony. Secretary